Elizabeth Eero Irving
The Place Where Everyone Wanted to LiveArchitecture LessonWe Dreamed of Other PlacesWe Decided Never to LeaveGood NeighborsOur Journeys Together Were EndlessAll TogetherIn the Land of Better IdeasDream LandscapeSolitudeQuiet DayHow to Build a HouseShoalAll Sleeping SafeArchitectureThe House Lost in the Black LakeAll the Time in the WorldThreeBefore We GoVesselTidySpring Arctic LandscapeEverything You NeedLake CampAt the Boatman's HouseThree BoatsThe Best Place to CampSpirit BoatHousesIt Was a Beautiful PlaceRibs of the WorldWinter LightMoon/NecklaceThe Last Place at the End of the Year
An intense year of work on three upcoming shows: 'Find Your Way Home,' Sept. 2017, 'Make A List, Check It Twice,' Feb. 2018, and 'Songs of Erebos, Oct. 2018.